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Total Dedication
To Your Case.

People We Have Helped

At Meagher & Meagher in White Plains, New York, our legal team is dedicated not only to rigorous investigation, research and case building, but also to treating our clients and their families with genuine care and compassion every step of the way.

We Fight The Good Fight To Reward Our Clients’ Trust And Confidence

Past successes do not guarantee future results. However, the appreciative words of our prior medical malpractice and personal injury clients tell a compelling story about who we are, what we do and why we do it. Here are a few excerpts:

  • “I am sure you have had and will continue to have many cases much more prestigious than ours, but I can guarantee you this; you will never have a more appreciative or thankful client than us. — from the family member of a wrongful death victim who our firm represented at trial and on appeal
  • “Your determination, exceptional knowledge, expertise, dedication and an incredible staff advocated for our son against insurmountable odds and won! The Meagher & Meagher firm has made a huge difference in our son’s life and our family is forever thankful.” from a family for whom we prevailed at trial
  • “The level of care we received from you and your firm was extraordinary. Every step of the way, you showed unlimited dedication to our case. ” — from a past client
  • “[Chris Meagher] is that rare breed of attorney who believes in justice, expounds patriotism and fights the good fight because it is the right thing to do. If lawyers were artists, Chris Meagher would be Rembrandt.”- from a past client

In addition to the gratitude of the many people we have helped directly, we value the recognition and referrals we receive from our peers in the legal profession. For example:

  • “You controlled the courtroom as you spoke, you set the mood, you focused the jury to the salient facts of a difficult liability case, humbled yourself and made them feel what it was like to be your disabled client. …You deserve every accolade from your brother attorneys and the Plaintiff’s bar.” — from a commendation of Christopher B. Meagher by a referring attorney

We invite you to call 914-246-2958 to discuss your own legal needs or a possible referral with an attorney at our firm. If you prefer, send us an email now.

“Dearest Mr. Meagher, words can not express how grateful we are to you and your staff, for all of the very hard work that you put into our son’s case. We always believed in you. Thank you for winning us the justice our son and our family deserved.”