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White Plains Sexual Assault Lawyers

When appalling cases of rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse come to light, media accounts often focus on the offender and any criminal prosecution. While holding sexual predators criminally accountable for the extreme harm they do is vital, it is often equally important for victims to take action in civil court. Success in litigation can provide a measure of closure. It can also yield financial compensation enabling innocent victims to heal and move forward in life.

At Meagher & Meagher in White Plains, New York, our lawyers stand up and take action for victims of sexual abuse in schools and in the workplace. If you or your child has been victimized, we are exceptionally prepared to evaluate your case and all available options for pursuing compensation.

We Are Dedicated To Helping Innocent Victims Recover And Heal Emotionally

We know that it takes tremendous courage for victims of sexual assault and exploitation to come forward. Led by renowned trial lawyer Christopher B. Meagher, we strive to provide the utmost in clear guidance and genuine compassion throughout the legal process. Our strengths as a legal team representing abuse victims include:

  • A thorough grasp of the legal protections and recourse provided to students in public and private schools by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972
  • Extensive experience in workplace sex abuse cases
  • Proven ability to bring forth evidence and testimony leading to sizeable financial recoveries for our clients
  • Dedication to presenting our clients’ stories in compelling human terms that persuade juries to award sizeable compensation

Sexual abuse can affect a person for life, interfering with their ability to maintain healthy relationships and employment. It can lead to serious addictions and other personal problems that sap a victim of their enjoyment of life. We understand these hardships and will do everything in our power to help.

Bullying And Harassment

Bullying and on-going harassment at school or the workplace can have dire consequences. If the school or work environment has become unsafe or the bullying has made it impossible to learn or work, you may need representation.

Speak With An Attorney Who Can Help

You can turn to our firm with absolute confidence in our legal knowledge and our discretion. To discuss what happened to you or your child and begin exploring viable options with an experienced attorney for sexual abuse victims, please call 914-246-2958.

“Dearest Mr. Meagher, words can not express how grateful we are to you and your staff, for all of the very hard work that you put into our son’s case. We always believed in you. Thank you for winning us the justice our son and our family deserved.”