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White Plains Premises Liability Lawyers

If you slipped and fell — or tripped and fell — due to dangerous conditions on someone’s poorly maintained property, the outcome may be more devastating than you ever could have imagined. If your injuries require surgery, will cause you to miss work, or have other costly repercussions, you owe it to yourself and your family to contact a lawyer knowledgeable in New York’s premises liability statutes.

Falls At Work – Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites are inherently dangerous and work injuries are a common occurrence. Unfortunately, falls from height can result in severe, life-altering injuries. If you or a loved one has fallen from a scaffolding, ladder or building structure, it is wise to discuss your accident with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Workers’ Compensation And Beyond

In addition to rights under workers’ compensation, you may be entitled to make a claim against the property owner, general contractor or construction manager. These third party benefits may extend well past benefits afforded by workers’ compensation. The most significant third party benefit is what is known as “pain and suffering” including the effect the injury has on someone’s quality of life.

Turn To Attorneys Versed In White Plains Premises Liability And Labor Laws

At Meagher & Meagher in White Plains, we have a team of accomplished personal injury attorneys prepared to expose the truth about what caused your injuries. Applying many decades of relevant experience, we pursue every dollar of compensation available to help victims of serious falls in stores, restaurants and other commercial locations.

You can count on a lawyer at our firm to take your potential case seriously and launch an investigation if necessary. If we determine that the property owner knew about, or should have known about, the dangerous condition that caused your accident, we will take all steps necessary to build your case for a successful recovery.

We Build Cases For Trial — And Opposing Attorneys And Insurers Know It

Unlike firms that pursue personal injury claims with the intention of generating quick settlements, we primarily take cases that justify full trial preparation. Our diligence in working all aspects of your case and our reputation for achieving groundbreaking victories at trial may well be invaluable, difference-making assets for you.

To tell us what happened and discuss your options for recovering compensation after a severe trip-and-fall, slip-and-fall or other accident on dangerous property, please call 914-246-2958. You can also send an email inquiry, and we will respond as soon as we are able.

Personal Injury

“Dearest Mr. Meagher, words can not express how grateful we are to you and your staff, for all of the very hard work that you put into our son’s case. We always believed in you. Thank you for winning us the justice our son and our family deserved.”