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Who is the most dangerous person on your construction site?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Firm News, Injuries |

Hint: It’s probably not you or any of your co-workers. On most construction sites, the workers know that they must depend on each other for safety. These are the people you work with day in and day out. You have to have each other’s back.

Although there are risks from co-workers’ safety errors, the bigger dangers are probably coming from outside of your construction site.

Some candidates for the most dangerous person on your site

Some non-construction workers who present significant dangers on construction sites include:

  • Drivers: New York drivers. Little more needs to be said. But one of the most prevalent dangers on a New York road construction project is the civilian drivers. Most people coming and going in their daily lives hardly see the road, much less the signs warning of reduced speed limits in construction zones. The danger is significant enough to spur a statewide initiative throughout New York, called ‘Operation Hardhat,’ cracking down on people driving recklessly through road construction and maintenance zones.
  • Equipment manufacturers: In most cases, when a jackhammer or lift accident occurs, it’s not the fault of the construction worker or team. Usually, the problem is faulty equipment.
  • Sub-contractors: In so many cases, the third-party workers brought in on a project – whether it’s plumbers or electricians, roofers or state inspectors – are the ones who create unsafe conditions on a work site. Roof collapses, electrical malfunctions and other problems result in a significant number of construction accidents.

These are just a few of the common safety issues caused by people not working direction for your construction company. Some construction site dangers come from other workers and subcontractors, and some are from civilians who have no connection with your work at all.

What can you do if someone else causes an accident on your construction site?

Most construction workers know that there are limits to suing your boss for injuries that occur on the job. Construction is an inherently dangerous line of work, and workers’ compensation is supposed to cover the costs of those injuries.

However, if someone who is not your boss or a coworker is responsible for an accident that causes you serious injuries, you can bring a legal claim. This type of claim is called third-party liability. With the help of an experienced attorney who has handled claims of this kind successfully, you can bring a lawsuit that will help you get the compensation you need.