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What is second impact syndrome?

No matter their age or health, individuals can suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in nearly any type of accident. From a motor vehicle collision and fall from height to a sports injury and falling debris, a TBI can lead to concussion, brain swells and cognitive...

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A dog bit my child: What should I do next?

For a parent, the moments immediately after a dog bites their child are often frantic. There is worry over the kid’s health plus anger toward the dog’s owner, all simmering as they consider the best option for immediate medical care. There is undoubtedly a lot to...

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What makes a good PI lawsuit?

Accidents are prone to happen all the time. In some cases, accidents can go a bit too far and the victim can suffer some serious injuries. How does the victim proceed with a lawsuit? How does he or she recover damages from the opposing party? It is important to know...

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The causes of delayed cancer diagnoses

The battle against cancer calls for as much preparation as possible. Every day counts when you are fighting to survive this dangerous disease. Your doctor is your greatest weapon in this war and you want to be sure they are capable of defending you. In recent...

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