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Signs and symptoms of sarcoma

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

Misdiagnosis is one of the most common issues that cause doctors in New York to become targets for negligence claims. The consequences for a patient when a doctor fails to deliver a proper medical diagnosis can be catastrophic. One condition that poses a particular threat to misdiagnosed patients is cancerous sarcoma.

Sarcoma explained

Sarcomas are relatively rare cancerous tumors that begin in bones, muscles, or other connective tissue. Approximately one in 300 Americans will become affected by sarcomas at some point in life, and 14,000 new diagnoses happen each year. Sarcomas are different than other forms of cancers in that it commonly spreads from bone to soft tissue instead of the other way around.

Sarcoma diagnosis

It may not come as no surprise that patients unfamiliar with tumors will probably overlook the initial signs of sarcomas. But a medical malpractice suit may become necessary when a physician misses the presence of these cancerous tumors. Lumps, bumps, and other unexplained masses warrant examination from a specialist. A surgical procedure may become necessary for masses existing in the chest or abdomen. The following facts become important when assessing the possibility of sarcomas:

• Sarcomas can happen with or without pain.
• The growth rate for sarcomas can vary.
• Patients of all ages can suffer from sarcomas.
• No part of the body is exempt from sarcomas.
• Sarcomas can happen at different tissue depths.
• The size of sarcomas can vary.
• Sarcomas can appear soft or hard when touched.

Risk factors and symptoms

There are no identifiable risk factors for the likelihood of developing sarcomas. Some genetic conditions may contribute to the illness. Individuals exposed to high radiation levels may also face higher risks for certain types of sarcomas.

Patients suffering from soft tissue sarcomas may experience no warning that the problem exists. In contrast, much pain can accompany bone sarcomas.

The misdiagnosis of sarcomas and other medical conditions can become tragic for a patient. Individuals who feel a medical misdiagnosis negatively affected their life may benefit from a conversation with an attorney.