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How construction workers prevent struck-by injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | Injuries |

Countless injuries at construction sites in New York are caused when workers are struck by different objects. Workers are required to understand the reasons why struck-by injuries happen first. Then, they can use the most effective safety methods to reduce the number of incidents that occur every year.

Types of accidents

Accidents in which people are struck by objects occur frequently on construction worksites. These accidents vary from objects falling off of shelves to workers being hit by motorized construction machinery. Forklifts, cranes and other types of construction equipment that are mishandled will cause struck-by incidents.

Applying preventative techniques

Construction supervisors and their employees are trained to apply different safety techniques, from hanging up signs to wearing personal protective equipment, to prevent struck-by incidents. The most severe problem is the lack of workers’ safety training.

It’s recommended that crane operators increase their levels of training. The lift zones are the most dangerous areas where cranes load and unload cargo. Managers are advised to prevent unskilled workers from entering the lift zone, especially if they’re not familiar with safety zone rules.

Construction workers are encouraged to install and use safety devices, according to OSHA standards. Qualified construction workers are encouraged to inspect this equipment on a scheduled basis. A small percentage of injuries are not due to human error. Instead, they are caused by the use of malfunctioning machinery.

Preventing construction injuries

Every construction worker is qualified to prevent any type of struck-by injury, which often includes potentially fatal head trauma. Although it’s impossible to prevent all injuries and deaths, construction companies are emphasizing new and improved techniques to prevent incidents from happening in the first place.