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Dog owners are liable for injuries during attacks

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2022 | Injuries |

Any dog owner can be held liable if their animal attacks, and they could face a confrontation in court. The rules for determining who is liable in which circumstances are set by New York laws.

Determining liability in an animal attack case

First, the plaintiff must provide clear evidence in court to prove that the dog is dangerous. Dogs that are not declared dangerous are assumed to have attacked in self-defense or in defense of a household. This occurs if the dog was being attacked or threatened or was acting to prevent a crime, such as theft, trespassing or aggravated assault.

The consequences for owners

Owners who are found negligent for dog or other animal attacks will be fined and charged with misdemeanors and might even be imprisoned for several months. They can reduce the fine by paying the medical expenses and other bills of the person who was injured during the attack.

The owner of a dangerous dog is strictly liable for the medical costs caused by an injury made by the dog. This person is not liable if the dog acted to protect its owner or to prevent the commission of a crime.

The complexity of animal attack cases

Dogs are loving companions, but they might act aggressively in defense of their owners. Determining who is liable for a pet’s owner is not as simple and straightforward as it seems. It’s not always the owner’s or dog’s fault in every attack. However, an owner who is found liable will likely receive strict punishments for the animal’s actions.