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Scaffolds Come With dangers

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | Injuries |

Workers may perform numerous tasks on top of or around scaffolding. Roofers, painters, window washers, and other professionals rely on scaffolding to do their jobs and preserve their safety. Unfortunately, mishaps and accidents happen, and anyone working on a New York scaffolding setup should be mindful of the most common dangers. Otherwise, permanent or even fatal injuries might result.

Common scaffolding dangers

Falling off a scaffold could have tragic consequences for workers. Even a relatively low height fall may result in broken bones, spinal damage, or skull fractures. Workers would be wise to pay careful attention to their surroundings when walking on a scaffold. Tripping over something could have disastrous consequences.

Sadly, the worker might not do anything wrong, but the scaffolding could collapse. A poorly maintained or improperly assembled scaffold presents horrible dangers. Before anyone climbs the structure, conducting an inspection may cut down on potential calamities.

Worksites may benefit from a zero-tolerance policy toward horseplay. Anyone playing games on a scaffold puts lives at risk. Employers who ignore such behaviors could face negligence claims if anyone gets hurt.

Risks, injuries, and compensation

Construction site injuries could happen in many ways. If a worker accidentally kicks a tool box off a scaffold, someone on street level may suffer a severe injury. Workers on the scaffold might be close to electrical wires, putting them close to life-threatening dangers.

Proper safety and awareness training may help workers understand the dangers. Still, accidents might happen. A lawsuit or workers’ compensation claim could help someone dealing with the financial repercussions of scaffold-related injuries. The incident’s specifics would likely guide what legal route to take to pursue compensation.