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Fatigue and truck crashes

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2022 | Motor vehicle accidents |

Truck drivers perform valuable services that help keep goods flowing through the economy. Many of them work long shifts and many days throughout the week. Fatigue may set in, leaving them vulnerable to the effects of driving while drowsy. Dismissing a tired truck driver’s dangers on New York roads may be the wrong attitude. Exhausted truck drivers may cause accidents due to the effects of fatigue on them.

The deadly consequences of fatigued driving

A truck driver who suffers from drowsiness might not stop in time to avoid collisions because reactions and perceptions may slow. In some worst-case scenarios, a driver could pass out at the wheel and cause a crash.

Federal laws mandate breaks and limit how many hours a truck driver may spend on the road. Drivers and their employers sometimes ignore these rules, potentially opening themselves up to liabilities after collisions.

Driving too long and not taking breaks is only one possible cause of drowsy driving accidents. A truck driver might battle the flu or another illness. No matter why a truck driver feels drowsy, the fatigue could undermine their ability to operate a vehicle.

Of course, alcohol and drugs may cause fatigue. Those truck drivers choosing to drive while intoxicated might face severe legal consequences.

Drowsy truck drivers and accident claims

Large trucks pose additional risks due to their size and weight. The potential damage and harm inflicted on cars, structures and even pedestrians could be among the worst possible of all motor vehicle accidents. Lawsuits following truck accidents may seek substantial sums for compensation.

Compensation may arrive in the form of a settlement or judgment. Often, insurance companies might provide the settlement. Such cases could be complex, as many injured parties may sue all those responsible for the collision.