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Car accidents and facial injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Motor vehicle accidents |

Motor vehicle collisions might leave victims suffering from many different injuries, and the harm may range in severity. A review of New York auto crashes might reveal numerous instances where victims experienced facial trauma. Some injuries may require extensive surgery to repair.

Accidents and facial injuries

A car could experience impact from the rear, front or sides. No matter how one vehicle collides with another, drivers and passengers must deal with the force. Even someone secured in a seatbelt wouldn’t be safe entirely. Broken glass and other debris could hit the person in the face, causing harm. Those not wearing a seatbelt may hit the windshield or dashboard. Facial and other injuries may result.

Responding emergency personnel might not feel surprised to see the victims suffered facial trauma, as motor vehicle accidents rank as a top cause for such injuries. Again, the severity will vary depending on the vehicles involved, their speed and other factors. A speeding tractor-trailer hitting a prone SUV would likely cause more damage than two smaller vehicles involved in a minor rear-end mishap. That said, minor accidents might leave victims with bruises on their faces and possible concussions.

Types of facial injuries

Facial injuries derived from car accidents could include broken fractures to the jaw and orbital bones. Trauma to the orbital bones may also include injuries to the eye. Impact on the jaw might result in shattered teeth. And it might not take much force to cause such harm.

Less severe injuries may result, but even these injuries could inflict suffering. Scratches, cuts and burns might seem minor but could lead to infections. Treatment for these and other injuries may be costly, leading victims to file a civil suit.