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Signs of an injury after birth

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2022 | Injuries |

After your baby has been delivered in a New York hospital or another type of medical facility, there are some characteristics that you might notice that you believe are normal right after birth. However, there are some signs that could indicate a birth injury that could lead to further physical, mental, or developmental complications for your child.


Some of the common signs of injuries as a result of your child’s birth include abrasions on the face or bruises. These could be from a vacuum device that could have been needed during the delivery as well as forceps that were used. You could also notice swelling on your baby’s face, neck, or shoulders.


If your baby is deprived of oxygen or if there are significant injuries to the body, then you might notice that your baby doesn’t have the proper muscle tone. This could be indicated by your baby feeling limp when held or even one side of the body feeling limp compared to the other side. When this happens, it can sometimes mean that there is an issue with the brain that controls that side of the body.

Developmental delays

After the first few weeks or months of life, there could be delayed signs that indicate a birth injury. These include not being able to walk or crawl. Your child might have difficulty talking. There could be issues with simple motions, such as moving their hands or clapping. They might not be able to hold onto a bottle or a spoon when they begin eating on their own.

While many births are free of issues, there are circumstances that arise that lead to injuries whether they result from equipment that’s used during delivery or physical situations during fetal development.