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Car stuck in the snow? Here are tips that may help you.

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Motor vehicle accidents |

Getting a car stuck in the snow is more than a bit embarrassing. It also is dangerous and could lead to life-threatening or fatal injuries when struck by other vehicles. That is why it is important to promptly get your vehicle out of deep snow on the road and snowbanks.

Blizzards, snow, and windy conditions may lead to many road mishaps and several vehicle pileups. You do not want to be stuck out in the snow in these terrible conditions and situations.

Shovel, rock the car and rely on traction

Here are some valuable tips that may help get your vehicle out of the snow:

  • Shovel out: Keep a shovel in your car to dig out in such situations. When shoveling, make sure to remove the snow a few feet in front of and behind the tires. Also, dig out the snow underneath the front and middle of your car.
  • Adjust by rocking the car: Alternately accelerate in drive and reverse. Doing so may help dislodge your vehicle’s tires. But be careful. Doing this action excessively may ruin the transmission. As a safeguard, place your foot on the brake during the peak of the rock. That way, the vehicle remains motionless when switching gears. Also, consider briefly shifting into neutral before making the transition.
  • Go easy on the gas pedal: Momentum not power will help free the car. Keep this firmly in mind when rocking the car in drive and reverse.
  • Use traction under your tires: Place handfuls of sand, salt and dirt under the car’s tires to improve traction. Consider keeping rugs and carpets in your car. When placed under tires, they may help you gain traction when accelerating. (Placing snow tire chains on the tires beforehand also may benefit.)
  • The reliance of Good Samaritans: Passersby, neighbors and strangers may help you get out of a snowbank or snow-filled road by shoveling, pushing and even towing your vehicle.

Understandably, getting your car stuck in the snow may cause stress, anger and bewilderment. To avoid such scenarios, it is crucial to keep a calm demeanor. And if you are unsuccessful in freeing your car, please contact a towing company. These winter conditions make driving difficult, and unfortunately, injuries can result from stuck cars and pileups.

Always check weather conditions

During the winter months, please check the weather conditions before making even the shortest trip in your car. Sometimes, staying home and postponing any vehicle excursions is best. Your life may depend on it.