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Factors that contribute to dog aggression 

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2023 | Injuries |

The overwhelming majority of dogs are mild-natured, loyal and friendly. For these reasons, they are America’s most popular family pet. 

Nonetheless, there is a tendency to humanize dogs. It should never be forgotten that they are animals that have very different instincts to people. Most dogs have certain traits that have been carried over from the wild. For instance, some dogs are more prone to guarding territory, others are naturally built to herd different animals.

There are millions of dog attacks every year in the states, with hundreds of thousands of victims requiring medical treatment as a result. What factors can contribute to dog aggression? 

Physical pain 

While many dog owners feel that they have a deep understanding and bond with their dog (which they might), the reality is that dogs cannot speak our language. They can’t let you know how they are feeling, which means they can inform you of any physical pain and suffering. When a dog is in pain, it has a natural instinct to protect itself from further harm. Ultimately, this could end in an attack if the animal feels like it has been backed into a corner. 

The sex of the dog 

While both male and female dogs can bite under certain circumstances, research indicates that males are more likely to bite. Credible studies suggest that male dogs are more likely to possess the traits of boldness and aggressiveness. It’s important to note that as with most empirical research, there are also compelling counter-arguments that suggest that sex plays a much less significant role in dog attacks. 

A dog will often bite out of fear rather than plain aggression. For this reason, you should be careful when approaching a dog that you aren’t familiar with. Their owner also has a legal duty to keep them under control. If you have been bitten and seriously injured, then you may be entitled to compensation. Seek legal guidance to find out more about your options.